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need to find two example of fallacies and a example writing that uses dialect. Like yankee,cajun, etc.?

must have these for homework. is there a link that I can pull from. Please only serious answers only. head is spinning from trying to get ready for finals and turn in the last of the homework in this english class.

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Silly Sally

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Some More Cajun Phrases and Resources

alors pas: of course not

cahbin: bathroom

co faire?: Why?

dit mon la verite!: Tell me the truth!

en colaire: to be angry

fais do-do: go to sleep

he’s got the gumbo: his pants are too big in the seat

hot, hot: very hot

magazin: store

make a bill: buy groceries

mo chagren: I’m sorry

my eye! (or my foot!): no way!

slow the TV: turn down the volume

speed up the TV: turn up the volume

sussette: pacifier

une piastre: a dollar

This site might help you find some ideas for yankee dialect:



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Dialects-Huckleberry Finn, Tom Sawyer

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Watch the show squid billies on Adult Swim.

It’s about redneck squids in North Georgia.

Every phrase is a gem.


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WMD’s in Iraq and Iraqi approval for our invasion and occupation