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my senior project, I need some suggestions?

Hi, I have to do a project required for my graduation. It’s called Senior Exhibition, btw. I’m going to do about college education, like.. “what ppl get out of college?”. my teacher said the topic is too broad, so i narrowed it down to “how does college prepare them for jobs?”. well it’s still too broad, she said i could write 8000 pages on that. I have to work on a topic that i will be able to go in depth and write 15 pages on. So, do u have any suggestions? Like what topic could be good?

thank u very much

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The economic impact of obtaining a college degree

Is it more valuable to get a degree or live at home working and saving money for 5 years? Looks at the cost of a 5 year degree and the average salary of college graduates at 15 and 30 years. Compares to saving money for 5 years plus the money that would have been used for college.

(In that scenario its possible a college grad starts life with an English degree and $40,000 in debt while the stay at home guy moves out after 5 years into his house (possible mortage but could be a lot of equity).

What college degrees are the best and worst for earnings? Short term? Long term? Who are the top earners in the country where degrees are not required. Avg earnings?

What jobs are in the highest demand currently? Degree required?

What are the most important skills employers look for in employees? Taught in college?


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Maybe you could do a comparative study about those who opt to go to college and then work or those who directly work without getting a degree. This is interesting because you need to compare these two realistic situations. Get insights on 2 cases by interviewing people. Then arrive at a good conclusion about the 2 scenarios like getting a degree will really contribute to the opportunities of having better jobs, or the experience is a better way to achieve a better job…etc.