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Mathematical Problem! Math analisis class! HELP?

so the problem is to find the explicit formula for the nth term for the following sequence:

8, 27, 62, 118, 200

this could be arithmetic or geometric, all i know is i cant figure out how to solve it, anything will probably help,

thank you so much!

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With a geometric sequence, you multiply each term by the same number to get the next term. Arithmetic sequences add the ame number each time.

In your sequence, 8 is the first term, 27 is the second, 62 is the third, 118 is the fourth, and so on.

The term number is the input, and the value is the output.

input output

1 8

2 27

3 62

4 118

5 200

Look at how much the outputs change by each time the input increases by 1, it is not the same each time – therefore you have a geometric sequence.

The differences are 19, 35, 56, 82.

You are not finished, but I have gotten as far as I can figure out right now.