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Lee Kuan Yew?? Japanese Occupation?? help plz!!!!?


guyz plz help see i have got to do a project and i seriously can;t get any infomation on this questions can u guyz help… the question is:

1)what did Lee Kuan Yew did that made him famous?

2)how did this affect history?

3)how would our lives be different if Lee Kuan Yew Did Not live?

plz help me answer this 3 questions by ur self or if any of u know where to get the answers on the internet can some1 plz give me the website name or anything

and also

i need help with japanese occupation?

can some1 plz tell me where can i get info on japanese occupation… like what torture did singaporeans had to face? were singaporeans treated fairly something like that plz help plz help plz help

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Wasn`t he the Japanese civil servant that set up free living camps for internees(chinese and european) under japanese occupation….a sort of no go area for the japanese troops…..letting the people live without interference

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Like the pronouncing ” Behind each and every quality and triumphant guy is a lady “, I for my part feel Mrs Lee has performed an overly primary, primary and powerful position with Mr Lee Kuan Yew in governing and developiing the country from a 3rd global to what it’s in these days, First Class City.