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Identify the axis of symmetry and create a suitable table of values?

I have a big problem with graphing! In this problem, I have to identify the axis of symmetry, create a suitable table of values, and then sketch the graph (including the axis of symmetry). If someone can just tell me the axis of symmetry and create a suitable table and then give me the points to graph, I can graph it. First one to give me the correct answers will get the ten points. Please, no funny jokes or comments. This is serious business for me!


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I can’t help you with the table, but I think the axis of symmetry is x=2.

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axis of symmetry formulation x=-b/2a so a=a million b=-5 and c=3 on your project x=-(-5)/(2*a million)=5/2 so as that’s your axis of symmetry. Sub 5/2 into the project to locate y (which would be your vertex). The graph would be a parabola that opens up.