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I Need Reasons Why College Students Should Work A Job?

I’m doing a speech today persuading people in college to also work a job and am looking for a few more ideas to throw in there. Thanks!

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To pad their resume with work experience and to get a better idea of what their career choice should be.

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Don’t know what you may already have but here are some I thought of:

Work experience looks awfully good on a resume (to show that you have something other than “book learning”).

Extra $$ comes in handy.

Helps with learning time management skills as well as money management when you are juggling class schedule, work schedule, study schedule.

Helps gain independence from parents if they would otherwise be providing college funds, OR helps you not be dependent on student loans and getting in debt prior to starting your career.

If you can find a job in a field similar to what you are studying, you can gain practical experience in this field to help you determine whether or not this is actually the right field for you.

Social networking–many times it’s not what you know, it’s who you know, and working with the public may help open doors down the road (especially in a small town and/or “college town”).

Busy college kids may be more likely to stay out of trouble and not get caught up in the whole frat party scene that could end up hurting you academically or even get you in criminal trouble.

Hope that helps!


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I am in college and working and it really teaches you responsibility and helps you learn to deal with the public. That is particularly important if your chosen career path is to deal with the public. Ill tell you, I have actually learned the art of persuasion as well. I can talk ANYONE into buying jewelry. I believe that the fact that you do not have so much free time to waste also is a good reason. Because I found that the more free time I have the lazier I get and the less I want to study. I kinda have to have a job to keep me on my toes!

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to prepare for emergencies! my cat scratched my eye (and with insurance) the 3 doc visits and 2 medicines were $90. that’s about a 10/15 hour week job at what a college student would make. i think most students work to pay off the massive debt they are accumulating while in school. also, the art of balancing a job and school would be impressive to future employers. having money for beer is important for a college student, too. parents don’t give you money for that 🙂

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Number one reason: a job will give them some financial independence; Number two reason: experience in the working world will be a benefit when applying for a job after college.

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My daughter had the greatest solution !

She would alternate working with College –After her First

Year in College —she dropped out –got a job with GAP

as a sales person —said she learned more there than

at college—dealing with people,etc This was in

California ,by the way

With money in her pocket left over after paying her Tuition

and the rest—she coasted thru another year at College—

Then spent a year with WET SEAL becoming an

Assistant Manager —and so on !

Graduated with Honors and money in her pocket—

the envy of her Classmates

Within a week she was interviewed by a Well known

Consulting Firm —she was completely at ease —

hired immediately is still with them in a Higher-up position

Says she owes it to her “Alternating Education/Work ”

and advises everyone to do it that way —

I am very proud of her and her initiative !


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I worked while in college to pay for food, gas and clothing. I put myself through school with a student loan.

Good Luck with your speech.


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Gets them ready for the real world of multi-tasking. Life has SO many demands, the earlier they (you) realize it, the better! Also, to ease the burden of parents funding the education and/or YOUR life of paying back the student loans. You never know what life will bring and student loans can be very burdensome.

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Can I get a copy to give to my son who is in college? The main reason he needs to work is to help me pay his car note/insurance, gas and maintenance bill. A little help is better than none at all…I am not rich.

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They can gain work experience while in school, so that once they graduate, they will have an edge over some of the other recent graduates, who may not have real-life work experience.