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I Need Help With This!!10 Points!?!?

Ok For My Homework I Need To Pretend I Am A Writing A Memo To The President About Opposing Threats To The US. Which Means Which Country Do We Have To Be Keeping Our Guard Up To.

So Which Country Do You Think Is A Biggest Threat To The US Right Now And Why??

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Allie (HBKF)

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Right now i think that Iraq is the biggest threat to our country. i think this because as we entered the war many people became angered by our actions, and many think that they may retaliate.

hope i could help.

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Pakistan…….They really seem to be the rallying point for Alkaida. Supposedly they are our ally but the larger portion do not have our interests at heart.

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China!!!!!!! Do your research and you’ll realise that they’re our biggest threat.

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I think it is Iraq because we are at war with them. They have a bunch of terrorists as well.

Good luck!!!