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I need help with algebra Homework.?

Find the least common denominator of the following fractions

3/a, 3/b, 1/5

How would you find the LCD in Polynomial fractions???

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Alam Ko Iyan

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look at the denominators: they are a, b & 5

do they have common factors: no

LCD: 5ab

In dealing with LCD, factor completely each denominator whether it is a real number or a polynomial. Then for each base get the highest exponent that can be found in one of the denominators.

example: 1/18 + 1/24

18 = 2 * 3²

24 = 2³ * 3

Then LCD = 2³ * 3²

say 1/(a³b) + 1/(ab²-a)

a³b = a³b {it is already completely factored}

ab²-a = a(b²-1) = a(b-1)(b+1)

the bases found in the denominators are: a,b,(b-1)(b+1)

Then LCD = a³b(b-1)(b+1)

Hope it helps.



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Since the 3 denominators, a, b, and 5 are not similar, the least common denominator would simply be 5ab.