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pink and black queen (:

I NEED HELP! please!!! how to conserve the environment?

oh my goodness.

monday is my english “show and tell”

and my teacher gave me this topic: “conserve the environment” i have trouble researching as i couldnt find anything!! please give me some information! :'(

how to conserve the environment??? :”””(


PS.my friend got this topic”what would i do if i have a million dollars”

hey! thats not fair! ITS SO EASY :'(

mine is so hard!!!

i need answers BEFORE monday!!


may GOD bless you for your kindness(:

thank you!!!!!!!!!!! :”)

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Give some startling facts about how much garbage our nation produces in a year. These websites should be very useful:



Also be sure to mention how everyone should be conscientious about what they buy. Disposable batteries; Styrofoam; food packaged in many, small, plastic containers; etc. should be avoided.


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you can have a topic being something like, ” a million hands” and right about just a few small things that just a million hands can do to help the environment. Like some would be, put trash in the trash can. it only takes a few seconds and if a million hands did it in just one day, imagine how much that could help! or if a million hands did….etc…do you get the idea?? i hope this helped!!!! if not, message me and I’ll help ya some more. i ll check my email again tomorrow around noon my time. ((now its 12:30am))mountain time.

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Eating vegetarian meals helps to conserve the environment, google “reasons for becoming vegetarian” and you should find enough info.

The amount of land and resources that are needed for keeping cattle, etc, is huge compared to things like growing potatoes.