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I Need Help On maths homework?

Its about fractions… i need to answer these…But I need to show my teacher the working out so could u expalin how to do them ? The question is … Convert the following fractions into equivalent fractions with a common denominator, then work out the answer, cancelling down or writing as a mixed number if appropriate .. and im only 12 so tell me step by step how to do it x 1 1/3 – 7/8

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First you need to change the mixed fraction. you multiply the denominator and the whole number(1×3=3), then add the numerator(3+1=4). Now the fraction is 4/3.

4/3-7/8-find the LCM-which is the lowest number that goes into both 8 and 4. In this case it is going to be 24. Once you figure out the LCM, you have to change the fraction. What do you multiply 3(denominator)by to get 24(3×8=24). You also have to multiply the numerator to make the fraction equivalent to the one you have (4×8=32). Your new fraction is 32/24.

You do that for the second fraction as well. What do you multiply 8 by to get 24(8×3=24). Do the same for the numerator(7×3=21). your new fraction is 21/24.

Now subract 32/24-21/24= 11/24 and the fraction can not be reduced.

I hope this helps.


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Hope this helps ( I am reading 1/3 – 7/8 so i hope that is right):

1. The first thing 8 and 3 both can be divided into is 24 (8 * 3), so you will want to use that for your demoninator.

2. To get the fractions to be equivalent still with 24 as the demoninator, you figure out what number you times the current demoninator by to get 24. So, in this case, the first one is 8 and the second one is three.

3. Multiply the numerator by the number you just came up with:

1 x 8 = 8 so the first fraction is 8/24. 7 x 3 = 21 so the second fraction is 21/24.

4. Now take your new fractions and subtract: 8/24 – 21/24 = -13/24 (you subtract the numerators, and the demoninators stay the same)

I hope this helped!! Good luck 🙂


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x/3 – 7/8 is what i get but i looked up answer.