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I’m doing a Works Cited page for my essay. I need to know how to cite this website correctly.?

Please go to this website http://it.stlawu.edu/~advertiz/afro/alcohol.html

I don’t know how to cite this website in my Works Cited page. It gives a bibliography at the bottom. Anyone’s help is greatly appreciated.

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debbie f

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It looks to me like the one that follows would be correct. It looks like it may have been a paper/thesis some students did at Iowa University. Here goes…….

Brown, Avonie., & Lieberson, Laura. Black or White. University of Iowa.

The words Black or White need to be italicized as it is the name of work. Could not find a date however.


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each and every thing that wooded area Greene mentioned is authentic and that i see no reason to restate it. there is, even nevertheless, one ingredient that Greene did get incorrect, interior the present seventh version of MLA format the URL isn’t any longer needed with interior the textual content textile. He additionally forgot to show that if multi supplies are available, be valuable to alphabetize them via author, or despite would come first. the final ingredient is do no longer forget putting indents if a supplies is going over 2 lines.

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Mike G
I usually use this site: http://www.calvin.edu/library/knightcite/ when I cite sources. It lets you pick your format, APA, MLA, or Chicago, and seems to make all of my professors suitably happy. Just make sure you switch it to an electronic source type on the left so that you can put in the url. When you submit it, it’ll show the citation that you can then just copy and paste right in.