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I have to deliver a speech TOMORROW!!!?

I have to talk about myself. does anyone have any suggestions as to what part of their life they would talk about?

I am still in high school..


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Mama Jazzy Geri

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Hi The Man…..

Each one of us have a different story to tell….because we came from different cities, countries, family types and some of us were given everything we needed while others had to work hard for everything they received…..no one can write your story…..you hold all the keys….to opening the door about your life…..

Pretend you are writing about your best friend…..

What would you say about him or her?

That is how you talk about yourself…..it’s really not hard….

You can always read a biography…that is a story about someone…..about their life…see what is said about them….

I know you are of high school age….

so break down what you did during your life in different periods of time…

from your earliest memory ….up to the present time

Do you have brothers or sisters you remember doing things with….and how it’s affected you the way you are now?

Have you traveled with your family …what stands out about the trips….if you are into sports talk about how playing on a team has been a good teacher how to get along with others…

What about music….do you love rock, country music….how much this love of music is so important to your life….? Do you read about the musicians or singers….and get wrapped up into the music scene?

do you volunteer and help out someplace where older people or young children benefit from your services?

To make this answer come to a close…think about what makes you TICK…like a clock..what is important to your life….are you “spiritual” do you have deep faith in a higher power…..Do you have a goal in life….where you want to go what direction….you might not know right now what you want to do later in life…..it takes people a long time…so you can talk about your journey..your trip….that is the “road of life”…how each step you have taken…from birth to now…you have learned things…only you can answer….

I hope this helps you sit and figure out what to tell your classmates…like I said…you hold the keys….

Best wishes

write to me and tell me how it worked out!

[email protected]

Mama Jazzy Geri


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the wonderer
If I were to talk about my life, I would start off talking about the people who have helped/influenced me the most in my life. Or you can even go way back in time and talk about what you wanted to be in life when you grew up as a little kid. and how your actions today have helped, changed or affected those dreams.

just take some time to think about it, your speech should come from the heart. don’t worry if your speech is short because most of the time, the shortest speech is the most powerful speech….if it comes from the heart.

good luck!


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Talk about something you are comfortable with, but that your audience will also have interest in. You may be nervous so it would also help to talk about something you have better knowledge of and is more fresh in your mind. Maybe a childhood memory you are fond of or a decision as to why you made a certian choice in your life. It could be a simple life story, but it is your turn to tell the story so you can add or take away whatever you may want from it.

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Maybe you could give the speech from your parents’ point of view — what they might say about you. For instance, “My son John was born laughing, and he’s been a clown ever since.” Then go on to tell about some amusing experience or practical joke that you played on someone — all from your dad’s point of view. Then switch to your mom, and tell about something you did that got you in big trouble. You can conclude by affirming or denying what your parents might have said about you, especially if they said complimentary things. For example: “What my parents really don’t know about me, is that one time my sister and I eavesdropped on one of their parties, by peeking through a keyhole, or sitting at the top of the stairs. So I am not the angel they think I am…..” Hope this helps. Good luck!

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Try to talk about what makes you unique or what you are passionate about. Could be an interest, hobby, sport or such that you’re wild about. Or, if you have an interesting event in your past that you could use for material. You could change names to protect the innocent 😉

If that’s not good, how about discussing how your school experience has changed you, made you change your POV philosophically, politically, socially or whatever.


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Your integrity. If you have some.

But the BEST way to talk about yourself without talking about yourself is to speak about your lineage–your Gparents, your GGGparents etc. If you know it, and if you don’t, make something up! Don’t talk about their personalities, just where they are from, what there professions are, and refer to yourself as much a possible, such as, ” My grandparent came from Scotland, so I have a Scottish heritage. And I could have been a cobbler because I have my MOthers gparents who were so in 1856…etc You will get an “A” if your teacher isn’t anal


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does it have to have happened yet?

you could do something different, and talk about your predicted death.

make it as gory as possible, have a bit of fun with it, make it something really unlikely, like dying from a bight from a purple spotted camel that has rabies.


dont just do the borring thing everyone esle will do, try and stand out abit


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Why not give a brief synopsis of your life to this point and then choose something you really like to do and talk about what you have done with that subject and what you’d like to do in the future.

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Whatever you do, don’t talk about that part in your life when you were trying to find solutions to your problems by yourself, because it will be a very short speech, I am afraid…