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how do you graph a slope of 3?

is it up 3 or over 3?

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It is up 3, then over 1.

A slope of 3 is 3/1.


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Rise three and run to the right 1 unit. Three is understood to be 3/1. Because it is positive, remember to “run” to the right.

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it is up 3 and over to the right 1 because 3/1= 3

Rise 3

——- = —–

Run 1

*3 <---- up 3 hence the word "rise". you go up because it is positive * 1 <----- over to the right 1 because it is positive 1. one to remember this is when you run you don't run up or down, instead you run across left to right or right to left.


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florida queen
Yeah, it is Up 3 over one

because 3 is 3/1

i remember it by something called RISE OVER RUN or Rise/Run

Because you rise 3 and you run 1. :]

Good luck with your homework!


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yeah 3 up and 1 over.

i always remember rise/run by thinking you have to rise (or wake up) in the morning before you go out for a run.