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How difficult is it to get into the University of Chicago?

or Columbia University.


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I got accepted to both but I opted to matriculate at Columbia University because the challenge of “making it in New York” was an exciting prospect. (class of ’05) As I reflect on my Columbia experience, I can tell you that the eclectic mix of people that make up the student body (as well as the people that live in the morningside heights community) made for a rewarding and deeply enriching education. Needless to say, you will need excellent standardized test scores and grade point average.

I encourage you to take advantage of the interview process and be grounded in who you are and what you have to offer. Don’t give them generic answers that they’ve heard before. My interviewer asked a number of questions that focused on my ability to adapt to unusual or new situations/surroundings. (Adapting to life in New York, in itself, is a challenge…trust me!)

Just about every candidate that applies will have excellent scores but it is up to you to reveal to the review board that your character, personality, and talents will contribute to the University community. One of the more significant criticisms that professional academics have about college applicants is communication skills (or rather, the lack thereof). Make sure your writing sample/essay is thoughtful, elegant, and sincere.

In the end, don’t stress too much about getting into college. A quality undergraduate experience can be acquired at just about any academic institution. Graduate school….that’s a different story.

Good Luck!


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Dr. Evol
I swear that Yahoo! should pay me…

http://education.yahoo.com – has recent stats on admissions for most universities in the US, including the ones you list above. Remember that averages are just averages… so they take people above AND below those numbers.


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U of C: Selectivity:Most selective

Columbia: Selectivity:Most selective