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Homework Help?

I am taking a web page design class and the teacher gave us review questions and I’m having difficulty finding the answer to a few questions so hopefully someone can help me out a little bit.

List and explain the origin of each of the following file formats. In your explanation, indicate which formats are used for Web pages.

A) .doc

B) .rtf

C) .wpd

D) .txt

E) .htm

F) .html

Explain at least two ways in which font size can be increased or decreased. In addition, describe at least two other ways that fonts can be changed.

Explain how frame sets work and how Web pages can be targeted to appear in different frames.

I don’t recall learning about any of this in class. This teacher is sometimes hard on all of us and he won’t even help or answer any questions if we have any. I hope someone can help me out a little bit. I’m not asking anyone to do my homework for me I’m just asking for a little help please.

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Yes… your right… nobody should do “all” of this for you so to speak. However, a little point in the right direction is fine. Try googling each file format or go to wikipedia… should be tons of info to help you quickly get your answers. Its better you learn these on your own than someone tell you… otherwise whats the point of taking the class. Good luck with the assignment

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Homework is a ache within the ***, however it is valued at it and the penalties of no longer doing it are low grades, low self worth, hating tuition, indignant father and mother, and awkwardness round academics. The great factor to do is simply DO the homework. Don’t attempt to consider, “I won’t…” or doubt your self – do just it! You ought to be sensible approximately it, do the homework that’s principal first, depart the little matters for final, take common breaks, no consuming at the same time operating as it is distracting, NO TV till you’re COMPLETELY performed.

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The only answer i know is .doc is a word document