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homework help?

please explain this:

1. a value must be chosen freely.

2.A value must be chosen from alternatives

3.a value is cherish

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One is not born with values, but one is born into cultures and societies that promote, teach, and impart values. The process of acquiring values begins at birth. Values develop through life and evolve from life experiences. They are formed by combining all the features that constitute humanness: intellect, will, emotions, and spiritual needs.

A value is a guide, a norm, a principle by which a person lives. There are seven criteria which together constitute an operational definition of a value.

1) A value must be chosen freely. The values that a person chooses freely are the one that he will internalize, cherish, and allow to guide his life.

2) A value must be chosen from alternatives. If there are not alternatives, there is no freedom of choice.

3) A value must be chosen after considering the consequences. Only after the foreseeable alternatives are fully and clearly understood is a person able to make a free and intelligent choice.

4) A value must be performed. A value is acted upon, performed, carried out; it influences a person’s behavior in some way.

5) A value becomes a pattern of life. Values are acted upon repeatedly and become part of the foundation for one’s life. Basic values manifest themselves in all aspects of one’s existence.

6) A value is cherished. A value is something a person feels positive about. As the individual grows toward full development of his values, he derives increasingly greater contentment, satisfaction, fulfillment, and joy from choosing his own destiny.

7) A value is publicly affirmed. A value freely chosen is demonstrated on one’s actions.

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“A value must be chosen from alternatives”.


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