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help with this math question!!?

this is soo easy! im in 8th grade math HONORS!! why cant i get this question??

you have to find out what “R” is

r-(-19)= -77

the answer i got was r= -58 but thts not rite cuz -58-(-19)= -39

i kno what the real answer is cuz i looked in the back of the book. the real answer is -96 but our teacher makes us sho our work!!

so i kno how to get the answer but i already told u the answer i got and it isnt rite! can sum 1 plz tell me how 2 get the answer?

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Going to answer this although you alread know what it is.

r -(-19) = -77

so r+19 = -77

then subtract 19 from both sides

r+19-19 = -77 – 19

hence r= -96




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Taja B
In order to find R, you have to subtract 19 from each side.

For example:




Hope this helps.


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Hi it is me (Betty) and your question is r-(19)=-77 ya you already got the answerer -96 you just want the work it’s easy all you have to do is focus OK now you have to do this

r+19= -77

r= -77-19

r= -96 see it easy

I hope this helps Goodluck and Goodbye


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when you subtract a negative number, it is just like adding, thus:

r-(-19) = -77

add -19 to both sides:

r = -77 + (-19) = -96

now, to check:

-96-(-19) =

-96 + 19 = -77


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Jules or Juliet
since you know the answer all i’ll say is this:GREAT JOB!!