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Help!!! native americans!!?

This is for one of my classes, american culture. I have to interview some native americans. It’d be great if you write your name and your age.

This are the questions:

1. Should there be prayer in the public school?

2. Should tax money be used to fund private schools?

3. Should poor children be given free lunches at school?

4. Should there be sex education in the schools? If so, should it be thaught in elementary school, high school or both?

5. How much exposure to drugs is there at the schools in your neighborhood? Is this a problem?

6. How important is a college education? Will it give you more status? Will you make more money with a college education?

7. Is which college you attend important, or are all colleges about the same?

8. What is the highest level of education your parents had? (What was the last grade completed or degree received?)

9. What is the highest level of education you have received? Do you expect to further your education?


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im… a…. tool..?

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1. if your religious

2. no.. they are private… let the people that are going to private schools pay…

3. we were giving lunches for free… it was a community school…

4. we had sex ed in school… it was in high school… some people already had kids so it was kinda a lil late for that..

5. well there are drugs everywhere… if your into that it was pretty easy to get your hands on some… meth is pretty bad

6. pretty important… more status?….. yeah of course….

7. probably go to a community college back home for the first 2 yrs… then go to a university…

8. mom has a masters in something.. dont know… umm dad has some college… not sure what he has though…

9. high school at the moment… in the military at the moment… and yes im going to go to college after i get out…

your welcome


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TwoCrows 34

1 . Absolutly not. Prayer is a private thing

2. Tax is paid by ALL, and so NO.

3. ALL children should be fed at school, Breakfast AND Lunch

4. Sex ed from 8th grade on.

5. No drugs at my kids school.

6. College is not as important as it once was. I’ve seen Engineers with masters degree’s NEEDING roomates to pay RENT now days. Sure you make more money but you live less LIFE.

7. College is College now days

8. Mother 3 years College was chasing engineering back in the 70’s, First wave of VLSI. dad just highschool.

9. Applied Science in Multimedia Communications and Presentation. Chasing Design Masters.


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1. no if we can’t use “under God” in the pledge we shouldn’t pray cause there are so many diverse religions

2. no cause not all people are able to attend and plus that is why one pays tuition to attend.

3. yes why not lunches be free anyways it is discrimantion when you can’t eat because your parents do or do not make enough money to pay for them we can send money overseas but not feed our own

4.yes there needs to be. and it should be taught in middle school and high school

5.there is huge exposure to drugs and it is a huge problem

6.college is important but not all can afford,it will give me more status among friends and family, depends if you pick the right major

7. all colleges are the same

8. GED mom & 5 th grade dad

9. GED and 1 yr of college no can not afford to go any further

Elsa Oklahoma 29


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Carrie Sutherland
First off the Europeans started real American culture. The truth is if it weren’t for the Europeans/Whites there would be no electricity, advanced transportation, technology, education, etc. in the US today. Same concept goes for Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.