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help me please :-(?

in the crucible,

– elizabeth said the quote, ” there will be no higher judge under heaven than proctor is.’

-john proctor said the quote, ” let rebecca go lke a saint, for me it is a fraud.”

why are these quotes important, and what do they mean.

10 points for best answer. please help. thanx.

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i just read it, but i’m not really sure what elizabeth is talking about.. where is that quote in the story line?

but john is saying rebecca (his servant, if i’m not mistaken?) is innocent because she was just a witness and he made her testify. he is the one who actually had the affair and if anyone is going to get in trouble it should be him or abigail.

that’s important because everyone is falsely accused and the irony of it all, is the only one’s telling the truth are the one’s who end up being hung. abigail and her follwers all live and they are the one’s causing it all.


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Elizabeth=That God is the ultimate judge in heaven and proctor is the equal on earth.

I’m not sure about John’s.

They are important because they are giving key information on the characters and the story line.