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has any one here seen the movie Ray ?? i need help for school plea?

ok so i have add and its hard for me to focus . ok we watched the movie RAY inchorus class . and i really liked it .. but i didnt grasp alot of it . and now we have to write about the EXPOSITION ,

Initail incient , SUB-PLOTS, the RISING action , the climax of the movie and the denoument (which is kinda like the ending and what follows the climax.

also we need 3 suitable ajective that descibe the movie

leading characters (i know ray is one .. but i need others please

the protagonist is ray (i think

antongist i would say ray kinda because he negected his family and wife.

i need the theme..

Any quatations would be helpful that were said in the movie and who said them .

please any of this help i would truely be grateful for.. i have the enviroment (time , place, and period of the movie already.. so i did some of it and i have the type of movie kinda ..

oh i also dont have the locale . i think it took place in georiga right ??

thankyou for you help

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Try looking in the Internet Movie Database (www.imdb.com).

IMDB was one of the earliest popular culture resources on the internet — I found it when the web was mostly text. (Imagine! No pics or videos!)

You’ll find a lot of information about any movie you’re interested in, including the complete list of characters.