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GOOD COUNTRY PEOPLE by Flannery O’ Connor?

Can somone please explain the character of Hope/Hulga? Was she really lost and hopeless, or did she desire and believ in hope and such on the inside.

anything appreciated..

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Joy Hopewell, a well-educated, thirty-two year old woman with an artificial leg. She has earned a doctorate in philosophy, and her speech is refined and precise. She has a heart condition that forces her to live at home with her mother. Despite her name, Joy is ironically described as large, hulking, bitter, and angry. To her own mother, she appears, “bloated, rude, and squint-eyed. Joy has changed her name to Hulga, which is a symbol of the control she has for her own life and the ugly lack of meaning she sees in the world around her. Despite her haughty attitude, Hulga is unhappy and searching for acceptance. She asks her mother to take her, “like I am,” and clearly perceives the faults of her mother and Mrs. Freeman. Hulga’s negative characterization comes from her nihilistic approach to life. To those around her, the expression on her face is one of “constant outrage” and she appears blind “by an act of will

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