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Describe an important recent change in your life (for example, a new job or a new school).?

You should say:

What the change was

(When it happened *)

Why this change happened

How this change has affected your life.

And explain how your feelings about this change.

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A few days ago

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I’ve noticed you’ve posted a bunch of these, so I thought I’d answer one.

I recently moved to Alaska (in May of this year) because my husband is in the Army and it’s just where he got stationed. I was upset at first because I have always been so close with my family. And I’m from Texas, so that’s a long way from home. But it’s been a great experience as far as my marriage goes. My husband and I have grown to know each other so much more, considering we spent half our marriage apart because he was deployed. And I know it may sound bad, but it’s been nice not having family around to bother us too!