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Can I offer to edit a paper for you in exchange for reviewing my podcast?

I need: To get my comedy podcast (http://tinyurl.com/2w7485) reviewed. Just a short “I love this guy” or something. The more glowing the better.

You need: to desperately have someone edit your one- to two-page paper. ASAP.

The solution? You drop a few words for me and I’ll edit your words for you. No charge whatsoever. Why me? Because before I created podcasts I was a freelance editor for the past few years. 🙂 And it’ll only cost you 5 minutes of your time.

What do you say?

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A few days ago

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I’ll do it, for nothing. I can edit my own papers. But thanks for the offer!

You got: a review, for nothing.

I need: To be picked as best answerer.

PS-It might not be there yet, because they review stuff first. But, when it is, it’ll be called “Love the album art, and the content, too” or something.


4 years ago
One such article used to be sneaked right into a peer-reviewed Washington State biology e-newsletter, a journal committed to a special subject, like healthy chemistry. Anyway, it used to be learned via the editor that an ID proponent had authorised the ID article and bypassed the method. The trouble used to be pulled, re-published with an apology and the scientist used to be disregarded from the society. That method he is can not even sign up for the journal he attempted to damage. So, it’s not to be had. The buffoon William Dembski used to be stated previous. He holds doctorates in math and philosophy and publishes with an enchantment to the general public, like different non-scientists Lee Strobel, Philip Johnson and Ken Ham. Biochemist Michael Behe publishes ID appeals to the general public, but if he submits a paper on biochemistry, you guess your boots it is inside the clinical system. There are fairly a couple of junk technology journals in the market, like the only released via Michigan’s Calvin College, editor/writer Hershel Shanks of Biblical Archaeology Review and of path the slick smooth junk magazine of The Discovery Institute.

A few days ago
hey, sounds great.

I don’t have any papers now, but I will pretty soon.

Will you accept emails?

I will review your podcast soon.


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idk what that means.