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Can anyone show me an example of outline form?

I have to do a book report and its says to write the plot in outline form but i don’t no what outline form is! Someone please help!!

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Here you go:



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That_ blue_ eyed_ Irish_ lass
Formal Three-Part Outline Includes :

Introduction, Body & Conclusion

go here to see an example


also see the other source I have listed for additional information.

By the way , Didn’t you check your text book ? It will show you how to write an outline


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1. Main character introductions

– a. Harry, Ron and Hermoine meet on the train

– b. blah de blah de blah blah

– c. Dumbledore and the faculty at great hall orientation

2. Class trip to near-by town

– a. Harry can’t go without permission slip

– b. Weasley brothers give Harry marauders map

– c. Prof. Snape finds Harry roaming the halls at night


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That means your report must be only one or two pages preferably one.

Write one or two sentences about each chapter.

Like you are telling your friend about a movie you’ve just seen.