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Can anyone please help me with my topic regading my thesis?

the question is Hazardous effect of insomnia to the students?

I already have my introduction..I just need a little more information abut this “INSOMNIA” and please don’t give me the answer of “it’s a Sleeping disorder” I already knew about that part….

things like if it’s curable or not? something like that

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Insomnia is an inability to sleep when a person wants to sleep. The term is often misused when it is applied to people who chose to do other things than sleep. Often times with students this is the case. Their age group predisposes them to stay up late and sleep late in the morning. This does not fit too well with school.

Their is no question that it is difficult to students to get into a good sleep pattern but this is not true insomnia.

You need to make a distention in your thesis about which type of sleep loss you are talking about.

Try looking up sleep disorder for the insomnia and sleep deprivation for the loss of sleep


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If you need to write a thesis; you certainly should have a ton of information either in your head or in a book. Stop trying to get other people to do your work. You must not know much about the subject. If you did; it wouldn’t be a problem. It just takes time to put it into words. You can look up online and find out if it’s curable or not. You can look up INSOMNIA online too. You could have had most of it done by now.

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