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Can anyone identify the fallacy?

1. Letter to the editor: “I would like to express my feelings on the recent conflict between county supervisor Blanche Wilder and Murdock County Sheriff Al Peters over the county budget.

2. From a letter to the editor: “The counties of Michigan clearly need the ability to raise additional sources of revenue, not only to meet the demands of growth but also to maintain existing levels of service. For without these sources those demands will not be met, and it will be impossible to maintain services even at present levels.”

3. “Some Christian—and other—groups are protesting against the placing, on federal property near the White House, of a set of plastic figurines representing

a devout Jewish family in ancient Judaea. The protestors would of course deny that they are driven by any anti-Semitic motivation. Still, we wonder: Would they raise the same objections (of unconstitutionality, etc.) if the scene depicted a modern, secularized Gentile family?”

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#1. Is this about the wilder-peters debate? Most of them are pretty wild as is.

#2. If you have enough money to maintain present levels, then how can not getting more money effect what you already have money for? Oh yeah, it is a bureaucracy

#3. Wouldn’t anti-Semetic be anti- Jesus and therefore anti Christian? And frankly I’m sick of making a big deal out of statues, mottos, commandments etc. Is there anybody left who is not offended by everything they see or hear? Guess I just slighted the deaf and blind folks. Lighten up people and enjoy life for a change, it’s too short as is.