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Can anyone help me think of something to write about relating to CRIME? please, i have brain freeze!!?


Write about someone wrongly suspected or accused of committing a crime.

Think about:

A) What they have been accused of

B) How that person would feel.

Please give me some ideas, I’ll really really appreciate it!

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Pretend you were at a friend’s house with some other friends. You asked to go to the bathroom, which is located next to your friend’s parents’ bedroom. The next day, your fiend’s mother found that her diamond engagement ring was missing. You were accused of stealing it, and are taken to the police station to be questioned and booked. How would you feel? What would you do? What would you say? What would you think? Write the story like a diary/journal entry, pretending you are the accused. If your teacher requires to to write in the third person (like someone else is telling the storry), rewrite your “diary entry” in the third person.