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C++ which two types of parameters? (more details)?

There are two types of ____ parameters: value parameters and reference parameters.?

A. actual

B. formal

C. active

D. passive

the test says the answer is A. but in the book it shows the answer as being B. so I’m really confused >_<

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They are function parameters so the answer is B – formal.

Value parameters are used to pass information into a function. Reference parameters are used to pass information in and out of a function.

i.e. type function-name (formal parameter type list);


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you are able to desire to apply the parameters argc and argv, exceeded to the main() function. i could provide you a greater particular answer, whether that’s been way too some years considering the fact that i’ve got written in c (i’ve got been out of programming as a occupation for 5 years). yet seek for important(), argc, and argv. in the MS worldwide (DOS, homestead windows command line), the command “attrib” permit you notice and set document permissions/attributes. in case you like some thing greater advantageous than “study-in basic terms, study/write, archive, hidden, equipment”, or once you’re in *nix, then i’m uncertain the place to bypass.