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Au Pairing/Picking up younger siblings?

My folks have just recently split & got divorced. My dad has asked me to help out with picking up & dropping my younger siblings from school & to extra murals. He is an advocate & needs help with the kids,I do not live with them (been 22this year),So I did. So I just pick them up from school,do extra murals,lunch homework & than go drop them home & wait till my dad gets back before I leave. Is there anything that I should be doing with them?? Or what? I am also studying & writing two more final exams which is not a problem. ANything else that I should be expected to do?

I did it once or twice before in the last month but nothing serious,before hand my step mom used to do all the lifts for them

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First of all, I think you are a great daughter helping your dad and siblings through such a hard time.

I would not think that you will need to do much more, then what you are doing already, just being there and showing them that they have support helps.

If you have time and want to do much more, think of some special age specific projects, like Halloween arts and crafts. This will keep them distracted and engaged with you.

Out of my experience (also once caretaker), just showing that you are there and care, are engaged and committed will give them the most.