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anybody plleasse!?

God math is sooo hard u guys and I am on my last 2 problems.. it says to

Divide using long division.

25 x^3+40x^2+21x+15 divided by -5x -4

Given functions f and g, determine the domain of f + g.

f(x) = 2x – 9, g(x) = 5 over x+8

thanks so much for your help!!

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first one,

quotient is -5×2-4x-1

remainder is -10

second one,

m too lazy to do it…


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The domain of the two functions added together are anywhere the domains would intersect on a number line.

Since f(x) has no domain restrictions the domain of f+g is the same as the domain of g.

The domain therefore is (-infinity, -8)U(-8, infinity).

All the brackets are exclusive.

For the first one… after doing the long division I got:

-5x^2 -4x -1 with a remainder of 11.

Pretty sure that’s right.