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ten marines

Algebraic/homework help?

A libary has 14,588 books which fill its 313 equal size shelves.

1) What is the average number of books on each shelf.

2) The libary plans to install 50 new shelves of its size. Write and solve an equation to estimate how many more books the libary will be able to hold.

Im pretty sure the answer to the first one is 46 to 47. I just dont undertand what kind of equation I need to make up for the second one.

It’d be appreciated if you guys told me how you got the equation you got.


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Cierra S

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You found the first part, but I will re-do that part to help you understand.

313x=14588 where x equals the average number of books on each shelf

x=46 to 47

Then, you can do 313+50 (46 or 47)=x





They could hold between 16698 books and 17061 books.

Hope you followed my math. I didn’t choose either 46 or 47 to be the exact number because some classes round differently. My class would call it 47, but not sure about yours. I hope I helped!


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1) You are right 14,588/ 313 =46.6 or on average between 46-47

2) Since you already know that 46 or 47 books can be on 1 shelf then multiply 46 books x 50 shelves.

46 x 50 = 2300 or 47 x 50 = 2350…Or if you need to be exact with your estimation, you can multiply 46.6 and 50 whiche equals 2330.


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Jen J
14,588 / 313 = avg number of books per shelf = 47 when rounding up

47 books per shelf x 50 shelves = number of new books library will be able to hold = 2350

X=47 , 50X=number of other books


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the answers above are correct!

the equation is pretty straight forward, let n = new shelves and b = number of books per shelf, the t (total) is equal to n times b or

t = n * b, you did all of the work, but just didn’t set up the variables and give them titles.

hope this helps!


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1) 14588/313=46.6 so 46-47 books

2) 50*46.6=2330 so 2330 more books

i’m not sure what the equation is