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Ridwan K

a difficult excel formulae??

i need a formulae for a grade or mark book

there is a total of 7 subjects and the formula is pass or fail

The Conditions for a PASS is as follows :

2 Credits (50% or above) and 3 passes (40% or above) including English

plz help me , i dnt knw knw wat to do

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Use this formula


Assumed. You have 7 columns with marks or percentages.

D15:H15 = the range that contains results

H15 = English Subject

Change the references as you need them. But the rest of the formula should be fine. If you use percentages, change those values also.i.e.40 & 50 to 40% & 50%

(same formula – i broke it down since i could not see it in full in the preview






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Lady Sardonyx
look up the “sum if” option in excel.

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can you give us te EXACT question?

this is confusing


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how about an if:then:else statements ?