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Why is it so hard to get a job as a preschool teacher at age 35 with experience???


I have a certificate in teaching for teacher assistant. and looking in that field. I have a lot of contacts, CPR, resume professionally done, and my transcript from college.

I am getting a very small job at a school that is just to get in the system. Bu would love to be a teacher’s assistant in the near future. I am getting to know everyone at my children’s school.

It is frustrating that I cannnot get what I want after working so hard and getting A’s in all of my classes.

What do I do? Do I just settle for the small job and wait for it to come to me through a contact?


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Tess O

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I would definately accept the job you are being offered and continue to look. A job will probably not just “come to you”. You will need to seek it outl. I had quite a hard time finding a job as a teacher as well. I worked an entire year as a teaching assistant even though I had a teaching license, and now that I am a teacher I have to drive 45 minutes every day to the school that hired me. I spent the entire summer searching online everyday and making contacts with people. Just keep at it. Preschools need dedicated teachers like you. I think it also depends on the area where you live.

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Lisa H
I am not sure where you live but Tess O is right! Take that job. It will show your level of commitment. Also, try to attend workshops, conferences and trainings. Network with people that seems the way many people find jobs – through other people in a not so formal setting. Continue the positive relationships at your child’s school. Let the prinicpal know you are looking. She/he may know someone! GOOD LUCK!!!