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Mizz Jazz

What scores and grades do i need to get into Howard University School of Communications?

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The average student admitted to Howard as around a 3.2 GPA. For the SAT, most of their students fell into this range, plus or minus:

CR 460-690

Math: 460-680

Writing: 390-780

Or if you did the ACT, score somewhere in the 20-29 range.

Howard is a very good, highly prestigious school. I hope you get in. It’ll really open doors for you. If you like Howard, also look at Spelman – another extremely prestigious HBCU.


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Get as good a score as you can get, but being that it is a communications degree, you will probably be ok with a 3.0 GPA and either a 23 or better ACT score or a 1100 or better on the SAT.

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Grades are continuously the form one element the colleges concentration on at the same time as accepting scholars…the extracurricular stuff is basically something on the aspect that they prefer. in accordance to Princeton’s evaluation,you should have a minimum of a three.2 GPA.