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What are some specific jobs that I can get with a music major?

Being a musician/composer my entire life, I denied myself that in college and decided to pursue other “academic” fields and ended up failing out of school……now I have decided to go back to school and finish up my degree as a music major….I am kind of scared, as I do not want to live at home my entire life, lol……what are some specific jobs I could attain with my music degree?

I will probably get a degree in composition, but of course, composition is not a full time job……

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Music Director for a church

Accompanist (if you play piano well enough)

Honestly, the odds of you finding a full time job involving music is slim-to-none; you’ll pretty much have to have a second job (unless you go on to get your Masters and then Doctorate and then teach at collegiate level).

I’m currently pursuing a BA in Music (voice), and I often get the feeling that I’ll be eating my degree for dinner once I graduate.