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What are some good schools to study audio and music production?

I’m thinking about doing something like that and I would like to know if there’s some schools that teach that.

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Berkelee in Boston, MI in Hollywood (they gave a BA in some areas), for filmwork USC and possibly UCLA. There is one university in Florida I think it a U Florida or Floida State and it might be in Miami, the head guy there use to write a column for Mix Magazine.

5 years ago
I would have to say Pharell/Neptunes and Dr. Dre, because they really do incorporate a lot of different styles of music. Plus the amount of people in different genres that they have worked with is crazy. And, just because somebody doesn’t purposely use music theory when they make a beat does not necessarily mean it’s not being used. Most of the time when they do make a beat the main melody revolves around a scale which is a huge part of music theory.