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I recently read in a novel “…two men in shirtsleeves were lugging boxes…”

I’m Australian and although I know that shirts have sleeves, the term “wearing shirtsleeves” is not familiar to me. (The novel’s set in the US).

Can someone please explain this?

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Queen of the Tofu People

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To wear shirtsleeves means you’re not wearing anything over your shirt [i.e. no coat, no jacket, or any outer garment]

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Russ B
I have never heard them referred to as shirtsleeves…but I can tell you what ‘sleeves’ are in the US.

In America baseball, in the cooler weather there is a shirt worn under the uniform jersey. These shirts only have 3/4 length sleeves (meaning they only reach a bit below the elbow). Hence, the name sleeves.

I still wear them often even though I no longer play baseball. They are comfortable, in cool weather.


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hmm…. I’m in the us, and I cannot explain… *LOL* I assume you are sure it doesn’t say “shortsleeves”?

Sorry I can’t help, but I would like to know too now!