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September 11?

all thoughts about sept 11 and where u were

how u felt about it then

how u feel about it now and what do u think about wat has happened since[[ex. the war with iraq]]

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I was in my college dorm when I found out. I felt terrible. At first I thought they were talking about the previous bomb attack on the trade center in the 90’s ( I heard it on the radio first). Then I ran to my friend’s room to see it on tv. It was awful. I was scared to say the least.

Now I still feel it was a terrible tragedy. I think the people behind it should leave America alone. If they wish to run their country that way feel free but let others live as they see fit. I think the war started out with good intentions but it’s dragging on because people don’t want to admit they may have made a mistake.


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9/11 was a sad and scary time for everyone. I was only in the second grade when it happened. I’ve always lived near a military base because my dad is retired air force and I’m proud of our country being strong and going to Iraq. I fell sorry and sad for the families and victims of 9/11. If hadn’t gone to Iraq Saddam and many other terrorist would still be alive. God bless all of our fallen warriors.

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um,… my sis was born on that day .. i wa sin uae and my friends relatives died:O(