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Persuasive essay help?

i HATE persuasive essays. ok, the body is easier but the intro is so hard! we have to “make a thesis ,put the thesis here, dont use these words, dont say that”…

can anybody help me?

“the school board has decided to change the school hours of the day from 10am to 5pm because students are getting into fights more between the hours of 3pm and 5pm…

can some body give me 3 agreeing reasons and 3 opposing reasons?


and thankyou! ♥

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most parent do not get out of work until around 5

it would cut down on after school fighting

would leave less time that children are unsupervised


lunches would have to be late lunches

many parents wouldnt be able to drop their kids off at school

younger classes wouldnt get much done before nap time


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i’ll give you one bad..

because the fights are 3 to 5

whats to say the fight~time won’t change from 5 – 7?


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yo! says Jasmine
i havent done an essay in years