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the poo goo

Is the CSS profile by Collegeboard required for colleges?

If you want to file for financial aid, is the CSS profile required in addition to the FAFSA?

It is really expensive ($25 to set up an account and $16 per school sent) and I’m applying to 17 schools. It just seems rediculous that they make you pay for asking for money.

Can I just submit the FAFSA instead?

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Hi poo goo,

The FAFSA and the CSS Profile are really two different things. The FAFSA is used for federal aid and is also used in some cases for state and private scholarships and grants. The CSS is used by schools only for help in disbursing private grants and scholarships. Check

https://profileonline.collegeboard.com/PXRemotePartInstitutionServlet/PXRemotePartInstitutionServlet.srv for a list of schools that use the CSS. If your school isn’t on the list, you don’t need to send the CSS to them. Even if they are on the list, you should check with the school first to see if it is a requirement.

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scuba dolphin
Check with every college that you are applying to see if they require the CSS in the first place, by looking at their fin aid website. Remember, the FAFSA is FREE. (www.fafsa.ed.gov) If you are applying for the EOF program, you may be eligible to not have to fill it out.