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i need websites on how to biuld models for an architecture class?

this year i have to set up an entire curiculum for history and i decided to do a history of architecture and i need sites for books or ideas on how to biuld models.

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My kids have enjoyed building these paper models of famous buildings. You just print them on card stock with a color printer. Score the fold-lines with a ruler and exacto-knife before folding:

Choose from titles:

• Eiffel Tower, France Update!

• Eiffel Tower (Separate Night and Day Models), France Update!

• Sydney Opera House, Australia

• Gasshozukuri, Japan

• Sultan Ahmet Camii, Turkey

• Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

• Statue of Liberty, United States of America

• Forbidden City, China

• Temple of the Inscriptions, Mexico

• Viking craft, Norway

• Taj Mahal, India

• Arc de Triomphe, France

• Bigben, England

• Great Pyramid of Khufu, Egypt

• Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy

• Moai Statues of Easter Island, Chile

• Windmill, Holland

• The Parthenon, Greece

• Tower Bridge, England

• The Great Buddha of Todaiji Temple, Japan

• Colosseum, Italy

• Sphinx, Egypt

• Himeji Castle, Japan

• Mont-Saint-Michel, France

• Notre-Dame de Paris, France


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perhaps check clay handbuilding…they use alot of the same principles…..