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I have to write a monologue and need some ideas.?


I have to write a monologue for my English class. I’m lacking some ideas. I thought ofmaybe writting about a sister who is recalling all the things she hated(s) about her sister who left for university but then realizes she misses her, and figures out all the things she enjoys about her sister. But I dunno if that works? Anyone else have ideas?


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Try thinking about examples of people who normally don’t get a voice in a story such as the villain of a popular fairy tale, an animal, or even an object. A really fun one is giving a voice to an inanimate object in your room or your friend’s room.


Jack’s Socks

“I’m lying here once again on the floor waiting for Jack’s mom to pick me and throw me in the wash yet again. If I have to suffer through another day hugging those cheesy toes, I’ll hurl!…”