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how do i get leaving marks from my public school?

i am switching from public school to online homeschooling. Well my councelor for my online homeschooling said she needs leaving marks from my public school. i called back today but it said she will be out till january 2nd!! so since i can’t ask her, i’m wondering how do i recieve my school leaving marks??

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Your parent(s) need to request a transcript of your complete cumulative file to be sent to your new online school or to them. Most schools have a request form to fill out, but a formal letter with a parent signature should be OK also. They have a right to get copies. Once you are 18, you have the right to request copies also. The new school needs those to create a transcript and monitor your coursework for a diploma.

BTW, If you didn’t have a report card or transcript from your previous school, then you would have to start again from 9th grade coursework. If you were homeschooling and now moving to an online program, your parents would need to create a transcript or listing of courses that you’ve taken.


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Are you going to have help learning online? You will actually have less help than in the public school you were attending.