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high school problems?

i’m going to be homeschooled in high school. anyone else? and how do you feel about it?

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Well, if you’re moving anyhow, then you’d be leaving your friends behind as it is. Take this homeschooling as though you are moving to another area. Find other homeschoolers in your area, find activities and social opportunities in your community (job, volunteering, sports, classes…) and make new friends! I know a growing number of homeschooled teens who have no complaints about their social lives–except that they are sometimes too busy. πŸ™‚ They’ve got clubs and sleepovers and field trips and other types of get-togethers in addition to activities they participate in. Homeschooling for high school, if you focus yourself well, means getting all your work done in less time and having more time to do everything else, to live your life. Keep that in mind.

As for moving to Texas, it’s the easiest place in the US to homeschool! You are considered a private school. End of story. Your parents can draw up requirements for homeschool graduation, provided a transcript and diploma… You just work out with them what you are going to study.

It’s normal to have some angst about this change, especially after so many years in an institutional school, but it can really be a great experience if you make it one. (The one former homeschooler responding didn’t make it a good experience. It doesn’t have to be like that!)

Also, keep doing things with the friends you already have!! One mom told me this summer that her son, who did his first year of homeschooling last year after being pulled out of public school, actually did MORE with his (former) school friends in the evenings and weekends than he had ever done before. He thoroughly enjoyed it.


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Homeschool is different form highschool. In highschool and there are budgets and schedules and rules, classes are often overcrowded and public schools should be doing better. There are rules and schedules and time and budget and books, computers or whatever that factor into the cost of homeschooling. You can have friends, but you will become more independent then highschoolers. That will take responsibility and is a plus for homeschooling because you will have to be responsible and do the work. Highschoolers are told to do the work.

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It’s not awful and it’s not the end of the world πŸ™‚

If you homeschool, just make sure that you have social outlets. With a little effort, you can have as rich a social life as you did in public school, if not more so. Keep in touch with your friends from school. Join a youth group, such as at the Boys and Girls Club or at the Y (they often offer teen programs). Volunteer. Look into organizations such as 4H. Join a local homeschool support group and get involved by planning activities for teens. Pursue interests that bring you into contact with other people of all ages.

We move around a lot with the military. While it is sad to leave friends behind, it also widens your circle of friends. When you move, it allows you to make even more friends.

Homeschooling, as with anything in life, is what you make it. Good luck to you! πŸ™‚


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I was homeschooled for my first year and a half of highschool, and went to public school for the first time (in my life) the second semester of last year.

There are pros and cons here. With homeschooling you get to sleep in late, go places during school hours – basically work on your own schedule. You have to be disciplined, though, and I suspect you would miss your friends. You should try to get involved in a homeschool group so that your social skills don’t shrivel up.

And being homeschooled means that you don’t have to put up with the bad influences in public school. This is a major plus and a very probable future development in your character.

Also, homeschoolers do tend to learn faster – this is probably because of less distractions and one-on-one time with the teacher. That’s a definite positive aspect right there.

So I think you’ll do fine. Find a few homeschooled friends and you’re good to go.


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Hey there I am home schooled and going to be a senior this fall. I actually started homeschooling starting with my sophomore year, at my own will. I learn a lot more and y grades have improved. I get to take any class I want and work at my own pace. It is difficult at times because you are on your own. I home school through a correspondence school and they grade and keep all papers to create a portfolio for me. My advisor will even write me a recommendation when the time comes.

There are a lot of pros to homeschooling and very few, if at all some times, about public high schools…….

Use this time to learn about what it is you truly like and care about. Look for homeschooling groups, take classes, do what ever it is you want…..you’ll find that your spare time is a lot more that that of your public school friends……….

Good luck!


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You can take this as a great adventure to expand your mind and meet new people. Learning by homeschooling lets you explore new areas of interest and move at your own pace. Contact other homeschoolers in your area. Get together with them. don’t be shy. You will meet a group of people who are probably not mired in the whole peer -pressure -let’s -be -a- clone- of -one- another -thinking. You can enjoy a new sense of independence and freedom at home and still keep your old friends. But why not make new ones too?

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If you have no choice over the matter, I would really suggest you start enrolling in a lot of other activities like, Dance, singing, or band classes or just whatever you are interested in that way you will still be able to meet new people and have some sort of social life.

If you don’t mind I ask….Who’s decision was it for you to be homeschooled? and what are your thoughts on it?


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hello, you aren’t the only one homeschooled in high school. i was homeschooled in high school too and i totally loved it. i also happen to know a lot of other people who are/were homeschooled in high school. you needn’t worry so much, you know? if there’s something that bugs you, take the time to talk it out with your parents or friends. and don’t be biased until you’ve tried it and don’t like it…

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Thrice Blessed
If you move to Texas you’d have to leave your friends behind anyway. While you are still living in the area you can still see them after school, on weekends etc.

As a parent, I believe that your parents have the right to make this choice for you, even if you don’t like it. I feel for you, but believe your parents should decide.


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Gerard Way is the Boss
be happy about cause its just a popularity contest and a fashion show! u learn nothing and nobody likes u unless ur popular or an athlete or something! i wish i was home schooled! its not very easy to make friends either.