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goot reading sites?

so basically, my daughter is is 8th grade, and wants to boost her reading rangie up in notch or two. what are some great sites we could use (without paying)????

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The World Wide School will give your daughter access to lots of classic literature for free; the link is below:



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Honestly I am not sure about websites, but the best way to boost reading skills is to read challenging material. Go to the library and check out classic literature, then have her read with a dictionary and notebook handy. Have her summarize what she reads in her own words and look up any words she doesn’t know or can’t figure out from the context.

Some good book suggestions for this can be found in the book “The Well Trained Mind”, which should also be available at your library.


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I am not sure about web sites, but I can give you two sites that have reading list; you may be able to use them to go to the library, or a book store to get them.

The only way to increase your reading ability, and vocabulary is by reading challenging books.

Book lists.



Other good resources are:

Check Amazon:

How to Read a Book, by Adler, Mortimer, and Charles van Doren. ISBN 0671212095

Figures of Speech by Arthur Quinn. ISBN 1-880393-02-6

An Intelligent Person’s Guide to Classics, by Peter Jones. ISBN 0-7607-2088-6

this is a web site that has many good books you can also print, or read on the site:

Welcome to An Old-Fashioned Education!

This site has free downloads:


Hope this helps a bit.