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can n e one give me pointers on this debate topic?

The thing is this. There is this girl, lets say mary. mary has a serios illness. She has a kidney faliur and needs transplantation. She can live on the dialosis machine and survive for a short period of time. The doctor tested her family and found out that her brother, lets say Jack, is a perfect match. But here is the problem. jack is refusing to give his kidney to his sister. Apparantly he hates her and they dont get along with each other. Plus he is considering all the medical risks of death or faliur ……… i’m taking the side of Mary, i have to say something that would in some way convince her brother to give his kidney. So basicly i need some real good points to make my case on and maybe some points on which my opponent could argue. Thats all. Thnx to anyone who contributes.

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why not