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kid kudi

can i still get into uci?

im really worried. lately i have been trying, but my grades are horrible. i use to have a 3.3 but now i think that i might have a 2.8! can i still get into uci? what kind of score do i need on my sat? =[

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*sigh* the UC system. I heart the UC system.

First of all GPA and SAT’s aren’t everything. What percentage are you overall in regards to your graduating class. If top 3%, you’re guarenteed 2 spots in any UC.

Factors to take into consideration for college admission:

1.) Courses taken, fulfilled A-G reqs?

2.) GPA, did you make UCI average?

3.) SAT/ACT, did you make UCI average?


5.) Extracurricular, are you more than a student? Was there any empty space on that UC application?

I had horrible SAT’s (400 points lower than average of entering Freshmen previously). SAT’s aren’t everything and when one defines themselves with those points, they’ll never make friends in college.


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Mahesh M
Put your papers and wait for the result.