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Alabama high schooler – homeschooling????

Need any “Home Schooling for Dummies” information that anyone can supply. I live in North Alabama (just outside of Huntsville) and my son has fallen behind in public school because of some previous medical issues. We are interested in home schooling to get him back on track. I am so afraid that I will pick a school that is not good, and I am new to the city, so I do not know anyone that home schools. My hubby is disabled, so we are on a fixed income. HELP!!!

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If you choose a virtual school I am sure they would be more than happy to ‘talk’ you through the set-up and help get you started.

Many are free now and even supply you with a free computer to use for studies in your home. They supply the books and curriculum. You just follow the lesson plan.

Good luck. I think this is a great alternative to conventional schools.


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Homeschooling is authorized for top Schoolers, and it relatively is a superb selection. Will it replace your profession? given which you eventually finally end up picking otherwise via fact which you have extra time to be out in the international and notice a profession you prefer extra appropriate, it won’t decrease your alternatives in any respect. the outcomes of homeschooling are: a million. of venture at an effective education 2. bigger SAT and/or ACT scores. 3. extra time to be social. 4. a extra appropriate probability at ending college. 5. a extra appropriate statistical probability of delight with life.

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Leslie M
Google, google, google. And there is a book out there called Homeschooling for Dummies. Its an excellent book. Check out your library. They should have loads of information about homeschooling. We use to live in Huntsville, (my husband is in the service) and there is NO way I’d send my kids to those schools.

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You should check out this site:

www.opmom.com. There’s a circle devoted to Homeschooling/Home Educators. You might be able to hook up there with someone that can assist you. Hope this helps!