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Where can I find scholarships for Fire Science?

I am taking classes online trying to get my associates in fire science at Columbia Southern University. I had to stop classes due to not having the money to pay for them. Anyone have any suggestions on what I can do to get scholarships or anything else to continue my classes. Thanks.

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You can first check with your school…have you looked at the CSU book grant option? I realize after reviewing their website that they cannot award Title IV otherwise you would be able to apply for student loans to assist you.

You can look for scholarships but keep in mind that there are deadlines to apply, meaning they won’t just come to you overnight if you one of the ones selected to recieve one. It appears that they offer an SLM Finanacial loan to assist. That is an alternative loan with an interest rate that can be high based on your credit. You can look into that and select on whether you want to make payments while you are in school or out of school. I would start repayment immediately if I were you, if you even consider applying for that loan. Sure, it has to be paid back…sure the interest might be high…but its still a stepping stone no matter what way you look at it. If its the only option you have…well…that is a choice you have to make.

I would look into the SLM Financial loan as a last resort though. I would look to relatives that can assist you first…look and apply for scholarships and see what you can pay in cash payments before looking at the private loans they offer.

As far as a good place to start…have you tried the website that I am going to list below? This is a free search engine that you can log onto and create a profile for. Based on what you put on your profile, it will kick back many scholarsihps that are out there that you might want to apply for. In addition, everytime a new one comes out or one is about to expire, you will get an email letting you know about it. You will get tired of the emails eventually….its a good resource!


Hopefully this helps.


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