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What’s a good way to fundraise money fast?

I’m going to a performing arts institute in just a few weeks and the tuition is really expensive. I’ve raised a lot of money through scholarships and other contributions, but I still have a little over $600 left. What’s a time efficient way to easily raise that much money?

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Spare jobs, and if all else fails, borrow from parents, or from the bank. It’s all I can think of.

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I’ve made that much money before doing a raffle amongst family. Of course, I have a huge family. But, first I ask people I know to donate things. Sometimes you know the owner of a restaurant, or someone who makes handmade jewelry, etc. Even other places will donate to you if you write up a letter about the cause.

Then I write letters to all my family (via email and regular mail) that is heartfelt and talks about why I need money. Say you’re having a raffle and list the prizes. Its an easy way to earn money because your family wants to help you out and sometimes will just give you $20 and not even care to enter the raffle.